The unique thing about this type of monetization though is that

You have a limited number of tasks you can do per day. When you complete all of them, you must wait for the next day, when new tasks will appear for you to complete them and, thus, accumulate more coins. 3 – Branded content. This is a common way to make money on other types of platforms like Instagram and YouTube: partnering with brands . You’ve probably even seen other content creators practicing this way of making money. Here, what you will do is produce a specific type of video in which you will strategically promote a company’s product or service. That is, it is sponsored content in which you will post certain content combined with a company, which will pay you for it. Depending on the partnership you enter into, these sponsored videos can take different forms.

In fact, the promotion of the product service

Within the video can take on different guises. An example is content creators who post humorous videos: while they are doing a comic scene, for example, they use the product that the company sells. The product in question may not even be mentioned directly, as the idea is just Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Email List to publicize it indirectly, without that boring sales approach. Still on the subject of humorous content creators, it is also common to see them stage funny situations to promote — now yes — directly a product/service of the sponsoring company. In these cases, they mention the name of the product/service, the company that sells it, features, everything. Finally, now that you know how to monetize TikTok through partnerships, you just have to pay attention to meeting the required requirements: you need to have the option to create sponsored videos within the platform.

Present in lives and videos Advertising

To monetize TikTok is through lives, as long as you have at least 1,000 followers, over 18 years old and, of course, someone to watch it. In this scenario, you DD Leads will need to trigger the option to receive gifts from your audience. Once you enable it, people who follow you (and even those who don’t, but who watch your live) can send you rubies, diamonds and other types of gifts that the platform makes available. After accumulating a certain amount of rubies, diamonds and gifts, you can convert them to the Brazilian currency, the real. In addition to this possibility during TikTok lives , another time when users can send these rubies and diamonds, for example, is when you post videos. However, here, unlike the situation above, you must have at least 100k followers. If you are within this requirement.

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