Video As with images, in videos it is also necessary to pay attention to

The 20% allowed for texts and logo on the cover of the video, that is, on the thumbnail . As for the limit of texts within the video, no problem, you are free to add the amount you deem necessary to fulfill the purpose of the ad. In addition, also avoid adult content that advocates drugs or that present nudity or third-party content, such as excerpts from films, series, TV programs and copyrighted music. Text Texts in appealing tones and wild promises, for example, will end up with an ad rejected on Facebook. Thus, delusional texts like “REVEALED! How to earn 25,000 a month without leaving home” or “How to lose belly fat for good” will throw any ad straight into the reject drawer.

Some landing pages are prohibited

As those with enticing promises or a pop-up that prevents users from leaving. What’s more, if the landing page isn’t working or if it’s about something unrelated to the ad’s subject, it’s also violating Facebook’s rules. Create a new ad. Advertising Here, there are two scenarios: either you Medical Surgical and Dental Equipments Email List simply decided to create a new ad (sometimes editing an ad to make it comply with Facebook’s rules can be tiresome), or it really wasn’t possible to edit the ad because of the types of violations. Request a re-review of the rejected ad. It is true that technologies are efficient and make fewer mistakes than human beings, but they are not 100% error-free. That is: a rejected ad on Facebook may have happened by mistake.

You will be able to monitor the status of the

Analysis at any time. If the rejection was a mistake, the ad will run again, but if it is rejected again. You will no longer be able to request another review for that ad. Also Read: How to Switch Facebook and Instagram Ad Payments Now that you know how to DD Leads solve Facebook ad rejection issue. Advertising Unfortunately, anyone who starts investing. In paid traffic will be subject to the possibility of having an ad declined on Facebook. If it doesn’t happen, great. But if it does, follow the step by step above and try to avoid this headache. Finally, you saw some points that make an ad be rejected. So, in the next ad you create, focus on these best practices.

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