Accenture presents us at El Ojo 2022 the era of subscription

What is WEB3? What are NFTs? There are many doubts that still exist today around this technology. That is why today, El Ojo de Iberoamérica has focused on these issues, and has done so with the help of Romina Rodríguez , HSA Mananging Director at Accenture Song , and Nicolás Cavaliere , Director of Innovation at Accenture , who have been in charge of discovering us the potential that this technology has for brands. To begin, César has reviewed the evolution of the web. Regarding WEB1, he highlighted that it was static and informative , and that the key was awareness and traffic to the websites. The expert refers to WEB2 as the Social Web , since it coincided with the era of social networks.

The era of decentralization

For César, the big problem that WEB3 faces. Today is lack of knowledge on the part of society: “All innovation and new things are highly top industry data criticized. Because they imply uncertainty and questioning. He says; But he assures that “it is a great time for large companies to enter WEB3 and explore, just as the gaming industry is doing.” In addition, César has shared the 4 fundamental pillars on which WEB3 is built. Which are the Blockchain, tokens and NFTs, communities and the metaverse. For her part, Romina, before starting her speech, wanted to make it clear what an NFT is: «An NFT is a non-fungible digital asset, which has characteristics that make it authentic, transparent and belongs to a single owner,” he points out.

A very disruptive moment in WEB3

For the expert, brands are facing a very disruptive moment in WEB3 , and she assures that it offers them great opportunities, based on DD Leads authenticity, trust, transparency and the sense of community that this technology offers. “Thanks to blockchain, consumers will leave a trace on the Internet, and brands will be able to take advantage of all that data to do business and to establish better relationships with their customers,” she asserts. Another point that Romina has highlighted about WEB3 and NFTs is that they have a great social impact , which for brands presents great opportunities in terms of business. The expert points out that all this boils down to two terms: Commerce & Membership.

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