If there are privileges there is no diversity

Disney is one of the main sponsors of this XXV Edition of El Ojo de Iberoamérica and has proposed a clear objective for these three days of the festival: to open spaces for dialogue to address how advertising should focus on making communication more inclusive . Today a new discussion table was opened starring André Takeda. Head of Creative Services of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, Argentina and Mariano Pasil . CEO of Liebre Amotinadaand President of CPA Argentina. Which has been moderated by Yan de Simone, CEO & Founder of BI UNIVERSE, Argentina. How do we create a long-term diverse. Equitable and inclusive communications strategy.

Creativity and ideas have always been a privilege

There is a reality and that is that of a world of people, and when there are privileges there is no diversity,” she says. In this sense. André points out category email list that creatives have the power to break with privileges and that they have to undo part of the path taken until now to open spaces on the work table and divide the ownership of the message. «It is not enough to put yourself in the other’s place. At Disney we have a responsibility to ensure that our storytelling is 100% inclusive. We will never develop content that generates an impact without counting on certain groups. We must open space at the table for a truly diverse team and thus hear more voices. It is everyone’s responsibility.

You have to give space at the table for the other to speak

After André’s intervention, Yan has resumed the conversation from the point of privileges. “It is very difficult to leave the position of privilege to DD Leads make way for these new realities.” It is important to review our privileges and open the tables so that these same people can be present,” comments the moderator, who also points out that “it is increasingly demonstrated that a company that is diverse and commits to diverse communication has a direct impact on the ROI. Today the Argentine Advertising Council continues to focus on society, but on the issues that interest it today, which are inclusion, equality and gender. After the talk on diversity that took place yesterday, starring Belén Urbaneja.

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